Wet Basement

A wet basement can occur Anytime, both in new homes and old homes. Moisture in a Basement will Ruin the flooring and walls. A Wet Basement wall can become your Structural liability if it is not addressed timely, and it will make your home difficult to sell if you have a wet Basement. The most common way to avoid water basement problems is waterproofing on the walls. These measures are best to install during the construction of a home. If you have an existing home adding waterproofing or drainage will be very expensive. Low Spots near the foundation can cause water to drain inside the house as water seeks entrance through the cracks. Make sure by yourself to walk around your house and have a Sharp eye on every foundation. If there’s any Drainage into your walls, you are going to have some trouble. Make sure to contact us if you have a wet Basement. We’ll Inspect every detail, and we’ll repair your wet Basement issue by waterproofing the walls and improve the drainage system so you can live peacefully in your house.

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